Quick, our town needs your help. Goblins have got into our dungeon and meddled with the power machines! Please can you rescue our town, eliminate goblins and activate all the machines?


You’re spawned into the dungeon, and you have to use your weapon [left click] to destroy goblins that spawn. WASD movement with W being jump. The objective is to activate all the machines on the round, if one machine runs out of power before all machines are on, they won’t work! Treasure chests spawn with some tasty loot to help you on your way, including better guns, an extra shield acting as a health point, double jump ability and the ability to breath under water. Be cautious of your positioning for the dangers that encounter. Don’t forget to upload your score afterwards!

Created by Welliton ‘Wellzitu’ Souza & Sean Garavan for GDN jam using Construct 2.

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