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In machines, you have to create a path to move the system ball to its basket.

Can you create a path between those gears?

Created for #Dev lounge Indie Game Jam.

StatusIn development
Made withConstruct
TagsPixel Art


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fun game! I noticed the boxes on the right, so I'm guessing you are planning more blocks for the game. I am excited to see where you take this, and I can't wait for more levels!

That's a lovely little puzzle game you created there, I can totally see its potential! I can imagine that you could expand it with more platform elements and of course some more stages. :) It was fun to see how each solution works out and every now and then a bit of luck was needed as well, at least in my case. :D I happily wrote a little article about your game and also created a short playthrough video. Maybe some more people will give it a try then. <3

Best wishes,

Thanks for playing Sebastian! Your post made me very happy! Awesome to know that you liked the game, I'm working on a more extensive gameplay with more features. Hope to deliver it any time soon <3 . Again, thanks for the time and gameplay. <3

I'm glad to read that you appreciated it. <3 Looking forward to the new version of "Machines!". :) I wish you good luck with future jams!

A very fun game!! What did you use for design??

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Thanks for playing Chipper35! A game that I used as an inspiration was "Incredible Machines", a 90's game. :) 

Cool! That's an excellent old game!

nice mind game !

Thanks for playing BadRocket! Soon I'l release a more complete version of this game :)