Can you survive for years  in a shelter? Try to live in this nightmare for 2 years, and maybe you'll see a new dawn for your life. 

In this game, you have to decide wich priorities to take living in a shelter. You can get food, health, read a book and listen to the radio, but live in a shelter is a hard life. Sometimes, something can broke, interrupting your decisions and spreading terror.

This was made for the #Survive Game Jam 3.


You have 6 Stats that will be consumed by time. Energy and Water can't be fill, while Hunger, Health, Hope and Social stats can increase by time.

Click on a highlighted item to move his icon to your priorities tasks: The first square will give more stats, the second will negate the decrease by time and the last square will give you time, slowing the down rate.

But, sometimes things get broken. Your Radio, Air Tunnel and Energy supply can get glitches and you'll have to solve 3 simple puzzles to fix'em:

- To fix the radio, click on the Fix Icon repeated times.
- To fix the energy supply, turn on the machine getting all switchs to one side.
- To fix the air tunnes, shake the Cleaner up and down.

Can you survive? Let me know if you'll se the dawn of a new day :)


Download 1 MB


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